Top tips for growing home aquaponics

Are you thinking of growing home aquaponics plants? Well, the process isn’t a lot different from growing plants in the soil. However, there are a few tips that might help you get the most out of your home aquaponics.

Begin by broadcasting your seeds

When you start growing home aquaponics, the first thing you should do is broadcast your seeds. What does this mean? Broadcasting seeds refer to the act of scattering them evenly on the surface you wish your plant to grow in.

You might wonder, how can you possibly do so in case of home aquaponics? Well, in an aquaponic system, you can make use of a media bed. This way the seeds will fall evenly between the stones and hence will be able to reach the required water level for more germination.

Among the different type of plants, you can grow in your aquaponic system; this method best works with radishes, carrots, and lettuce.

Always germinate large seeds on a wet paper towel

If you have ever tried planting melon or cucumber seeds on a grow bed, you will realize that the results are far from adequate. This is because the larger the seeds are, the more quickly they will germinate.

If you are planting large seeds that belong to long term plants, make sure you spend time deciding on how to position the seed on the grow bed. A great way to start is by germinating the seeds on a wet paper towel. After the process is completed, seal the seeds in a ziplock bag and monitor them daily to see when they begin sprouting. Once a root of over 25mm has appeared, put the seed in the media bed.

Purchase plant starts instead of seeds but places them properly

One thing is for sure, the initial process of growing a plant in an aquaponic system is quite challenging. If you don’t wish to go through the hassle of seed starting, you can go ahead and purchase plants that have already gone through the process. In this case, all that is required from you is that you shake off any excess dirt that is present.

Once you do so, gently immerse the plant in water. Check for any bugs that may be present in the plant. After you have added them to your media bed, you must take caution when placing them. While aquaponic systems provide a cooperative environment for the plants to flourish in, the fact remains that you need enough space between plants. This is needed to ensure proper air circulation as well as to prevent insect manifestation.


The reason why we stressed mainly on plants in the aquaponic system is that they are the lifelines. Unless you invest in properly planting them, they won’t be able to perform their function of providing the perfect environment for the fishes while being a source of food for you and your family. Follow these tips to create an effective aquaponic system.