How to stop panic attacks?

Panic attacks can be rather worrisome. One of the most dangerous things about a panic attack is that it tends to take you by surprise. You do not know what might trigger such an attack and all of a sudden, owing to any event, you start experiences surging of fear or anxiety. Such episodes can leave you emotionally drained, especially if do not know how to handle it

Thus, we are going to share some tips on how to stop panic attacks in time.

Deep breathing

Experiencing hyperventilation during panic attacks is common. This tends to scare quite a lot of people. However, deep breath can ease your panic away to a large extent. Via deep breathing, you regain some control of your breathing pattern, thereby lessening the extent of hyperventilation. This can lead to alleviation of other panic attack symptoms.

When you feel the symptoms of a panic attack coming at bay, shift your focus on deep breathing through the mouth.

Acknowledging the problem

One of the most effective ways to stop panic attacks is to recognize it. People sometimes tend to be in denial about the issue while at other times, they fail to recognize it. Once you realize that you have a panic attack, you might find it easier to cope with it.

Closing your eyes and practicing mindfulness

Closing your eyes during panic attacks enables you to block out any stimuli that might lead to worsening of the attack. It then makes it easier for you to focus on other things, thereby making it easier to stop panic attacks.

Mindfulness can also prove to be rather helpful in the situation. During panic attacks, one tends to feel detached from reality. Thus, when you start experiencing the symptoms of a panic attack, try to focus on familiar physical sensations. Perhaps, feeling the texture of your clothes or digging feet into the ground might do the trick. These simple steps make sure that remain grounded to reality. They also stop the panic attacks from engulfing you.

Muscle relaxation techniques

Muscle relaxation techniques can also be useful in stopping panic attacks as they control your body’s response.

For this, you need to make an effort to relax the muscles of your body, one at a time. It would be advisable to start simple and then work your way up. Starting with the fingers might be a good idea.

Muscle relaxing techniques are most effective when you have practiced them before.

Find your happy place

During panic attacks, trying to picture your happy place might do wonders. Think about the place that appears most relaxing for you. It could be anything like strolling in the woods, lounging in a cabin in the mountains or rolling with the waves. The picture should give you a happy feeling.

Whenever you experience panic attacks, try to picture yourself in your happy place. Try to acquire as much clarity as possible, focusing on the little details, like feeling the water against your body or the wet grass beneath your feet. Before you know it, you will be involved in the detailing of the place, and the symptoms of the panic attack will go away.