How Can You Meditate Yourself With Cosmic Energy?

Do you find your life chaotic? Do you always feel your life is devoid of something, but unable to discover what that is? If so, you should begin practicing cosmic energy mediation.

What Is Meant By Cosmic Energy?

It is a natural life force that exists everywhere from cosmos to galaxies and space. How do we act, react to events and function is all regulated by cosmic energy. While sleeping or when we are in peace of mind, our body is more likely to receive some amount of this cosmic energy.

Benefits of Cosmic Energy

  • Cosmic Energy lessens negativity inside the body by eliminating free radicals from body.
  • It heals our physical, mental and spiritual self.
  • It brings balance in our lives by lowering components (cortisol and lactate levels) that attribute to mental stress.
  • It regulates blood flow throughout the body and lowers the stress level on heart.
  • Cosmic Energy plays an excellent role in treating psychological issues like depression, anxiety and impatience.
  • It also helps in curing cardiovascular diseases and improves skin resistance.
  • It also contributes in elevating the psychological self by approving self-actualization and rejuvenation feelings.
  • It also boosts intellect and intuition.

The Best Ways to Open Your Life Up To Cosmic Energy

If you want to invite positive energy into your life and body, here are some ideas which you can enforce to rekindle your relationship with Cosmic Energy.

·      Evaluate Negative Energy inside You

Gauge negative energy level within you. Often, we don’t realize how encircled we are with negativity which can be everlasting. As a result, you allow more wrong people and events into your life. All of this can be reversed if you find quietness inside you. Start with self-awareness. Be honest to yourself. Stop complaining all the time or feeling like a victim. You create your own life experiences whether good or worse. So, be grateful for both. This change in attitude will bring more positive energy into your life.

·      Take control of your thinking

Self-talk like -“only bad will happen to me” or “I won’t be able do this“-are ways to harm yourself. Having doubts or ego self-talk will disengage you from this high spiritual energy. Thus, you need to take control and harmonize your thoughts.

·      Be Affirmative

Change the perspective of looking at things. Instead of criticizing or judging, say these daily affirmations, such as “it’s fine to have down days” or “every experience whether good or bad, is just another lesson of life”.

·      Clear your outer Space

Cleansing your external space is just as important as cleansing your inner space. De-clutter your stuff. Organize your home decor to create more space. Smudge your car or office or home where you spend your most of your time.

·      Practice Authentic Meditation

Via meditation, you can purposely obtain abundance of cosmic energy. There are many breathing techniques you can do to achieve balance in your life like yoga, tai chi, qi gong or other similar exercises. It has ability to transform your life for the better.


Connect yourself with cosmetic energy and sustain order of your life, expand your consciousness, and live a healthy life.